Thursday, 22 April 2010

Salute 2010

I have my advance ticket and my trimmed down shopping list (the original one would have bankrupted me!) so I will be off to Salute on Saturday.

I know the show has got rather expensive but I am mainly going to meet up with friends and the shopping is just to justify the entry fee in saved postage.  I've noted that there are a number of traders that I would like to have visited (and have been present in previous years) who are not there this year.  I wonder if they're finding it a little pricey too.  After all, as a punter, £10 gets you a reasonable amount of postage!

I am planning to get some more of those lovely Perry Sudan figures and the new civilians from Musketeer plus a couple of other bits and pieces (including some terrain).  I doubt I will be inspired by anything there, something I have found at a number of previous shows, I wonder if that's the influence of the internet with nothing being new.  But there should be a few stands worth a look and I do plan to spend a little more time this year having a look at the games.

There are likely to be a few tweets from the show floor but I'm afraid I can't post any photos from there (mainly because my phone hasn't got a camera!).  I will be posting my thoughts and pictures (assuming I remember my camera) after I get home and have rested my feet!


  1. Good hunting Al

    Wish I could meet up with you there like the old days :)

    The good thing I remember about Salute is that I seemed to come back with things I never intended to buy

  2. Shame you're so far "up North" Geordie - of course you have had other matters to occupy you this year anyway! No doubt you'll be reviewing you budget now!