Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wargames Weekend: Contact at Hill 325

Day two started with a WW1 scenario from my SkirmishCampaigns booklet Rommel's Route to Verdun converted to be used with Nuts! This is the second scenario in the campaign and Lenin happily reprised his role as Rommel with me donning les pantalons rouge again.

The French had strong forces in the nearby village of Bleid and scattered forces holding the ground to the east, around Hill 325 and in the woods north of the Hill. Rommel’s platoon had advanced to the Hill and deployed on the northeast side. Their mission was to advance across the south and west sides of the hill and seek out the French. The early hour combined with fog greatly restricted visibility making their life more difficult.

Rommel split his force in two with one section advancing across the Northern half of the table and the other between the two fields of crops. Rommel took command of the second section himself.

The Northern section stumbled across a small French patrol group resting in a small copse and after a prolonged fire fight took several casualties and decided to withdraw. Meanwhile Rommel advancing towards the woods to the West ran into a section of French infantry and another firefight ensued. This time the Germans managed to get the upper hand and, after several rounds of firing, the French were silenced and the Germans moved in to capture the survivors.

I had wondered whether I needed to revise the victory conditions specified in the scenario but in the end it turned out to be challenging enough for the Germans. The figures were all 28mm from Renegade Miniatures.