Monday, 26 October 2009

Richard III: Wars of the Roses

I just picked up my copy of Richard III, the new block game from Columbia Games, from the sorting office this afternoon. It has been a while in coming since I pre-ordered it and getting clobbered for £4 VAT (plus the outrageous £8 Royal Mail handling fee!) was a pain.

Anyway, I popped the sixty odd stickers onto the blocks and read through the rules earlier and it looks very interesting. The board is the usual card type but it doesn't detract from the overall excellent presentation.

The combat system is based on the traditional Columbia and the card action/event system is similar to that used in Hammer of the Scots amongst others.

Once I have had a chance to give it a go I'll post my thoughts.


  1. The problem of those long winter nights is now solved ;)

    Good to hear from you Whisperin Al

  2. i look forward to hearing how it plays.


  3. Glad you're still around Al, I was going into withdrawal symptoms. How about a few more pics from your BCW collection mate?


  4. Sorry about the absence but real life rather got in the way - work, holidays and that sort of stuff.

    I'm in the midst of putting together some games for this weekend so expect to see some posts and pictures soon.

    (No BCW I'm afraid Al but some early WW2 stuff instead - I hope to be able to put some more BCW stuff up in the near future though)