Sunday, 1 February 2009

Where is our Green and Pleasant Land?

Or, more precisely, where can I get 28mm terrain to represent it?

With both my 1938 and Operation Sealion projects moving on a pace, I started looking around for some suitable terrain to represent England that the time and there is surprising little of it about. Unless I want 1930's England to look unchanged from the 17th Century or bear a remarkable resemblance to 1944 Normandy I seem to be struggling.

"Why not scratch build?" I hear you cry. Well, mainly because (a) I find it difficult enough getting the time together for the other parts of the project and (b) because I'm not really much good at scratch building and (c) I'm blooming lazy and I'd like it handed to be on a plate (preferably painted too!). OK, those are (probably) all exaggerated but I was hoping to try to find something to help me along.

Ideas anyone?

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