Saturday, 7 February 2009

Musketeer BUF

My order from Musketeer Miniatures cam through today and it had their new BUF figures:

Now all I need to do is make up my mind what colour scheme to use. Given that they are in a hypothetical uniform anyway it does give a little latitude though. I was thinking of going with caps and jackets with dark grey trousers but am not sure whether to go with grey, black or khaki puttees...


  1. Could there be a Very British Civil War game in due course, or perhaps even a big game in the offing?

    Now that I have escaped from Pyongyang, I need to do some gaming.

  2. Escaped eh Mr Bond? No matter, I have a much more complicated and implausible trap waiting for you! bwahahahahaha!

    Sorry, calmed down now. Yes a Very British Civil War game is in the planning stage. I just need to get a few more bits and pieces together (and get the figures painted!) and then it will be ready to go.

  3. Splendid stuff. I should be back on Thursdays some time in late March.