Saturday, 31 May 2008

What's wrong with the Royal Mail?

I just went down to the sorting office today to pick up a package that they had tried to deliver yesterday. This wouldn't be out of the ordinary but this package was posted 2 1/2 weeks ago recorded delivery! What is the Royal Mail coming to, only 1 delivery each day at some indeterminate time, no specified time for collections from post boxes, packages going missing, won't take large packages, no idea when stuff is going to arrive and to cap it all they've put their postage charges up and now their handling charge is up to £8!

What's more disappointing is that I now don't have any confidence that something I post will arrive. It used to be that the Royal Mail had a really good reputation but it seems to me that has gone and they've simply lost the plot.

So effectively we're getting a worse service and paying more for it - come on Royal Mail you can do better than this!

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