Saturday, 29 March 2008

Winter War Anyone?

Last weekend's gaming has really got me in a table-top gaming mood again. I was impressed with Lenin's desert Terrain Mat (which you can see in the photos). Having used TSS tiles, mainly for convenience, I've always found it difficult to reproduce more fluid terrain like sand or snow. You can see the difference between the TSS tiles on the .45 Adventure Dragon Bones game and the mat on the Back of Beyond and Medieval games. Having seen Lenin's mat I decided to take the plunge and order a snow mat to use with my existing Brigade Games Gebirgsjaeger and new Artizan late war Germans along with some Baker Company Finns I picked up on eBay.

The Finns got me thinking about the Winter War and so I ordered Finland at War 1939-45 by Osprey and William Trotter's The Winter War: The Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40 from Amazon. The former is a typical Osprey Elite series book which covers not only the Winter War but also the Continuation and Lapland Wars which followed. I'm only part way through Trotter's book but it a great read and has really got me excited about the period. Unfortunately the Baker Company Finns I have don't have quite the right mix of weapons or numbers to suit me and their standard packs would end up giving me quite a bit of wastage unless I was building a company sized unit. As a result I've started looking at Brigade Games' range (which are also in full snow kit) and Bolt Action's range (which are not) to see how I might best mix and match.

Since I'm reknowned for being a little frugal (in other words - mean!) I am also looking at what I can do to flesh out not only the Winter War but also the Continuation and Lapland Wars to ensure I can get the most out of my outlay. Now what I need is some snow based trees and a couple of small terrain pieces...

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