Sunday, 25 November 2007

Friedrich - A Euro/War game Hybrid?

I managed to pick up a copy of Friedrich at Orc's Nest last week. It's a boardgame about the Seven Years War for 3 or 4 players (though there are two 2 player scenarios) pitting one player (as Friedrich) against the others, although only one player can win.

On first sight it looks like a cross between a Euro game and a Wargame with the wooden pieces, control chits and point to point map, and the mechanics repeat that approach - conflict but with a pretty streamlined system (combat using cards). The historic flavour is enhanced with the use of the Fate deck which introduces real events into the game - some of these eliminate individual nations but all the allies have a fall back to work with.

I've only managed to read the rules so far but it looks very interesting - particularly as the hybrid nature of the game should give it a wider appeal than my more traditional wargames.


  1. I can only recommend playing Friedrich. Although you are a classical wargamer, it won't be too simple for you since there is a lot of strategic depth despite its quite short rules. Find two or three friends eager to explore euro-wargaming and have fun!

  2. Having played Friedrich, albeit only the two player scenario, I really liked it. Of course I am a boardgamer as well as a wargamer and so it could easily have satisfied neither need but actually it's a very successful hybrid game IMHO and highly recommended.