Monday, 18 December 2006

When did red lights become optional? (rant)

Is someone out there teaching driving by correspondence course? Is there an epidemic of colour blindness? Or has the Government changed the rules of the road into optional guidelines?

This morning I saw not one, not two, but five ... five drivers run red lights! Now maybe I'm old fashioned (and it wouldn't be the first time someone has said that!) but I always thought a red light meant stop. OK so maybe you get some latitude with amber but red? So maybe you could train monkeys to drive better than most people on the road (they might even use their indicators once in a while!) but I though people had enough sense to know to stop at red lights. Is it like speeding now ... you only obey the speed limit where there are speed cameras? So you only stop at red lights where there are cameras? Doh!

Maybe I'll keep a sharp look out when I come up to a green light - there might be one of these cretins coming the other way!

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