Saturday, 16 December 2006

Too Fat Lardies Festive Sack Full 2006

The Too Fat Lardies have produce a compendium of rule supplements, scenarios and articles for their rule sets twice a year for the last couple of years. This one is a full colour 136 pages of Lardies goodness including Bag the MiG, a Korean War supplement for Bag the Hun (their WW2 air rules), Taxes, Tea & Tories, an AWI conversion for Le Feu Sacre (their Napoleonic rules) and scenarios for them both, I Ain't Been Shot, Mum! (WW2), Le Feu Sacre (Napoleonic), Algernon Pulls it Off! (WW1 air), If the Lord Spares Us (WW1 Middle East), Bag the Hun (WW2 air), Kiss Me Hardy (Napoleonic naval) and Triumph of the Will (SCW) along with a number of other interesting articles.

The Festive Sack Full is available in .pdf form from the Lardies for £5.00.

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