Monday, 6 November 2006

Ancients - It's not a period!

When will people realise that Ancients is not a single period? I mean just 'cos people were only using pointy sticks and swords doesn't make all combat from the dawn of time to 1485 the same! Wargames rules that aren't period specific just don't float my boat. Where's the flavour? OK, I'll give DBA its due (albeit some people think its not a proper wargame), it is quick and its fun - but does it simulate ancient warfare? Of course there's DBM - that's DBA with all the fun sucked out! I always thought it was like taking a motorbike and using it to tow your caravan! Am I missing the point here? Isn't it essential to have a set of rules that allows you to fight Samurai against Hoplites? Mmm ... let me think about that - errr NO!

Anyway, so it's hats off to The Perfect Captain who have taken the time to produce Hoplomachia, a set of rules specifically created for the wars between the Greek City States. It has a campaign system too. OK, its not for everyone but it simply oozes period flavour.

So lets have less Ancients and more period specific stuff which reflect the weapons, strategy and tactics of the times!

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